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About Surveillance Solutions of Idaho in the Boise, ID Area

My name is Mark. I'm the owner and sole private investigator with Surveillance Solutions of Idaho.

I have lived in Idaho since 1993, have a background in law enforcement, and have 30+ years of experience as an investigator specializing in covert surveillance. 18 years of my experience was obtained as a senior investigator with a top Boise firm. I have taken those lessons and added my own skills to build my business and have since helped many happy clients.

I encourage you to check out my Linkedin Profile for a full description of my experience and qualifications.
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An Important Note

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It starts with a higher level of competence, includes possessing a specialized body of knowledge, and ends with an adherence to a code of ethics in your field of expertise. I have decades of experience that can put me several steps ahead of less-experienced competitors but it all means nothing without professionalism. If you need to gather information that will significantly affect your personal or professional life, hiring someone who performs at the highest standard can make a big difference in the outcome of any investigation.
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While professionalism indicates critical knowledge and skills in a particular field, that background is meaningless if it's not grounded in integrity. Integrity allows an investigator to interact differently with clients throughout the investigation by immediately presenting a higher level of respect and courtesy. Integrity also ensures better judgment and always doing what is just and objective. Because I conduct my business with integrity, you can also expect honesty and respect in all of our interactions and communication.
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Tactful execution of all my actions and communications that impact my relationship with my clients and my investigations is key. That impact is substantial in this line of work and I treat all delicate information and any impact to your emotions with the sensitivity they deserve. Rest assured, I will not disclose private information or information pertaining to an investigation to any other party without my client's permission, in order to retain and respect their privacy.  
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Analytical Skills

Many private investigators are good at finding information, but some are unable to connect all the pieces. I have a uniquely analytical mind that sets me apart from many of my peers.
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Some of my clients come to me after receiving less than favorable results from previous private investigators. They often had an investigator who failed to look under every rock and ignored a few details. I am committed to paying attention to details that often reveal much larger truths. This comes from not giving up too soon or being too distracted by the obvious.

An Important Note to Add

Larger, multi-investigator firms have a lot of overhead costs. Those costs are often passed on to their clients during the course of the investigation. Sometimes clients get lost in the shuffle between multiple investigators and their managers. I am self-employed as the sole proprietor and investigator of Surveillance Solutions, which helps you to receive the benefits of being served by a small, private business. My direct interaction helps to establish a close professional relationship with me as your personal investigator, ultimately providing a lower overall cost for your investigation than any of those large firms.
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If these values, characteristics, and my professional experience align with what you're looking for in a private investigator, please reach out to Surveillance Solutions of Idaho today. You can reach me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 208-867-3645. For other contact methods, see the Contact Us page. I would love to discuss your case.
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