For a Private Investigator... Experience Truly Matters

My Name is Mark

I have lived in Idaho since 1993, have a background in law enforcement and have 30+ years of experience as an investigator specializing in covert surveillance. I believe Professionalism, Integrity and Discretion are all necessary cornerstones to being the best private investigator.

Private Investigators

Professional standards and an adherence to a code of conduct is what separates a true professional from the rest. Anyone can call themselves a private investigator and some private investigators are far from professional. As far as professionals are concerned, character and integrity are just as important. Why? Because these characteristics can make a big difference when it comes to how well your investigator interacts with you from the beginning and throughout the investigation. Within the industry, a private investigator’s services are considered to be “Professional Service”. This means private investigators should possess specific skills and a special body of knowledge in order to provide the best results they can.

  • What sets me apart from other private investigators?
  • Strength of character. I am an honest person, and you can trust me to adhere to strong personal and professional ethics at all times, in all situations.
  • Exceptional analytical skills. Many private investigators are good at finding information but some are unable to connect the subtle details to reveal larger truths. I have a uniquely analytical mind that sets me apart from many of my peers.
  • Relentless tenacity. I am diligent and refuse to give up. I have achieved successful results for clients who previously struck out with other private investigators who had looked under every rock but ignored a few pebbles. I never overlook the small details that often hold the big truths.

Finally, large firms often assign their cases to anonymous investigators through an anonymous supervisor and have other cost obligations associated with running a large business that frequently raise their rates. As a self-employed/sole proprietor, I do not have the overhead associated with employees and other business expenses. My rates are more affordable and you will interact only with me, from beginning to end. This can often alleviate the pitfalls sometimes experienced with the larger firms.